Snow Much Snow!

Snow, snow, snow and snow and snow and snow, also snow and snow, not to mention snow and then some more snow… snow?

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It’s the first of March and it’s a Winter Wonderland outside, but hold on, it was sixteen degrees yesterday?! It’s fair to say that weather is unpredictable here but the snow never fails to be picture perfect which is why I dashed outside with my camera and had the quickest photo session. It was only a matter of time before my hands permanently froze.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetThis picture was taken back in February when around ten inches of snow fell. Surprisingly it wasn’t too cold when I was wrapped in 4 layers and laying deep in snow after sledging for an hour. (Is it pronounced sledding or sledging? I’m never sure…)
98C808D2-78E1-41FD-943A-14BA0F62874BThis was the breathtaking view from my garden, in America, not many people have fences which is strange for a Brit, but we have a huge snowy space for sledging and fun.


The snow was so powdery and just sat on all the trees, making them completely white.0742B8BF-4A16-4051-B7C3-950882FEE10D581AC14B-C055-44E8-83C0-3336E21829A368945929-F4A4-46B7-8404-A06C4BC58625The evergreen trees looked so wintery and in their place in the flawless snowfall. So graceful and photogenic. I just love bright sunny days with a cold wind and untouched snow.E5CAAC59-F041-49A9-B958-470D98D286EFBBDDA782-AB64-4371-804F-2551C2EE16A9It was quite bizarre that on Wednesday I was sitting outside working on a health project in class. Enjoying the spring sun and cool breeze whilst reminiscing about old days in England when the very next day I woke up to grey clouds with cold, heavy rain. Snow was on the forecast and sub-zero temperatures, but I imagined the snow wouldn’t set, or it would become some muddy slush. But by the time I had left school, the road had disappeared, the trees were glistening white and half a foot of snow had fallen. So much for the end of winter! 76D66DE9-9F42-4B82-9551-113FF3FF59DB

So hopefully Spring is around the corner, with Lush stocking their easter bath bombs and gorgeous daffodils being sold in the supermarkets. This spring will be the first I have had in four years since Brazil’s seasons are basically hot and hot with rain. Although I like to enjoy each day as it comes and makes the most of whatever life throws at you, even if it tricks you into putting away all your winter jumpers just to take them out the next day.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…


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