25 Random Facts About Me

1 – I can’t even imagine singing alone in front of a crowd, it seems absolutely terrifying, yet the moment I’m home alone, I automatically begin to sing really loud.

2 – Bookshops are my happy place (especially Waterstones with a costa coffee :))

3 – I’m a hardcore fangirl. I stan too many things to write in one post.

4 – I can’t wait to move out and start my own life. But at the same time, I want to stay a teenager for as long as I can.

5 – I really want to live in a cute flat in Central London with a friend for a few years.

6 – After that, I would love to live in Brighton.

7 – I can speak Portuguese and am learning Spanish, soon I might start learning German. (update, I’m learning German now)

8 – I get really excited for rainy days and thunderstorms.

9 – I adore cats, but I really want a pug and a sausage dog when I’m older.

10 – I have Grapheme-Colour Synesthesia which means I associate numbers and letters with colors. I also give them genders and personalities. My brain’s an interesting place.

11 – Organizing is one of my favorite pastimes, and I love to colour code.


12 – I really enjoy designing rooms I can’t have.

13 – I love putting outfits together, but if I leave the house and feel uncomfortable in some clothes it ruins the entire day.

14 – I can’t stand coriander.

15 – I’m a pescetarian and have been all my life.

16 – I love plants… like, a lot.


17 – I’m obsessed with buying records. And I love taking Polaroids.


18 – When I was younger, I used to hate the colour green and wearing dungarees.

19 – Drawing is one of the most relaxing things for me to do.

20 – Until I was 12, I used to dream of long and blonde hair.

21 – At school, I’m a different person than I want to be and I find it really tricky to be myself.

22 – I love long, hot and relaxing showers.

23 – I wish I could act.

24 – Pinterest is my favourite app. It basically has everything I will ever need.

25 – I’m naturally shy but I have a really crazy personality when people get to know me.


I hope you enjoyed these very random facts about me. I thought I’d try something new, comment if you liked this post and what else I should try my hand at writing about. Thanks for visiting my site! Until next time.


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