Texting my Insecurities

Insecurity knocks from time to time, invite it in for a cup of coffee, talk with it, understand it, then take that sugar spoon and poke it in the eye 


A woman, age 25, seems to have her life together, she’s got her mind set on a job in politics, she’s a great laugh. She has insecurities.

A guy, age 47, has a family, looks confident and is content and happy. He has insecurities.

A boy, age 14, super passionate about the things he loves, is a great friend, lives in a different country to where he’s from, is gay. He has insecurities.

I’m 15, I’m a girl, I’m a bit shy at times, a little introverted and very akward. I’m clever and trustworthy. I have insecurities. 

Everyone has insecurities, no matter how powerful they look, how perfect their life may seem, how gorgeous they are, or how carefree they act.

A couple nights back I was really missing my best friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year, I met him in Brazil, he left the same time I did and lives in Portugal now. I was texting him and the common topic of insecurity came up. I really needed to rant, and I was concerned about him as well, so I decided to play a sort of game where we take it in turns in describing one of our insecurities. I tried it once before and it helped so much, just to get it out there. You soon discover that everything seems like such a huge deal in our heads and our own worlds, but they actually sound quite silly when spoken out loud. Which obviously doesn’t make them less important or significant, it just creates another chance to see your opinion from a new perspective. I often get carried away in my own head, tangled in gloomy thoughts that I can’t unthink. Sometimes it becomes so hard to untangle myself and reconnect with reality. Therefore I try and write, text or just talk about insecurities as often as I can because, more times than you think, it helps you in addition to the people around you. 

You see, insecurities aren’t always bad. They give us a valuable sense of humility. The best way to live with your insecurities is to choose to accept that you’re not perfect, which is incredible, cause it would be so boring if everyone was. But the part that gives insecurity a bad name is when you let the cynical thoughts rule your every decision. This can ruin days, which ruin weeks and then months, a dark hole that too many beautiful people fall down far too often. So please, even if this message makes someone think again, or find a new point of view to something that has been in the back of their mind, I will be overjoyed.

Until next time

Indy xxx



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